Acheron Comics FAQ’s.

Q. When is the Acheron comic coming out?

A. The first issue will be out Oct 28th

Q. Will the books be available overseas?

A. We are working on making this happen.

Q. Will they ship at once to cut down the cost of shipping?

A. The comics are set to ship on Oct, Dec, Feb, April. You can request to have them ship out at once by emailing us @ before you place your order. The ship date will be in April.

Q. Do I have to order online?

A. No, not all. The comics will be in comic book stores Jan 2017

Q. Will it be in any stores?

A. Yes, starting in January.

Q. Is there a distributor in the UK or Canada?

A. We are working on it.

Q. Will they be out monthly, etc.?

A. The pre-orders will be out bi-monthly but will come out 4 months prior to the comic book store release, which will be on a monthly basis starting in January.

Q. Will it be in digital form?

A. Yes, in October through Comixology and Amazon.

Q. Will the comics be in full color?

A. Yes.