Muirwood Coloring Book

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In the ancient and mystical land of Muirwood, Lia has known only a life of servitude. Labeled a “wretched,” an outcast unwanted and unworthy of respect, Lia is forbidden to realize her dream to read or write. All but doomed, her days are spent toiling away as a kitchen slave under the charge of the Aldermaston, the Abbey’s watchful overseer. But when an injured squire named Colvin is abandoned at the kitchen’s doorstep, an opportunity arises. The nefarious Sheriff Almaguer soon starts a manhunt for Colvin, and Lia conspires to hide Colvin and change her fate. In the midst of a land torn by a treacherous war between a ruthless king and a rebel army, Lia finds herself on an ominous journey that will push her to wonder if her own hidden magic is enough to set things right.

Now the world of Muirwood comes to live in the world’s first authorized Muirwood adult coloring book.  Current and new fans of bestselling author Jeff Wheeler will enjoy the Muirwood series in a whole new way.  This beautifully illustrated coloring book features characters: Lia, Colvin, The Aldermaston, Jon Hunter, Martin Evnissyen, Parageis, plus many more.

A MUST for all Muirwood fans, reserve your copies today!

Order before Nov 30th to receive a free coloring Poster along with your book.  Orders will shipped the first week of December just in time for the Holidays.