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Based on the breakout success Mythic Games miniature board game launch on Kickstarter which raised over $4 million, this Time of Legends: Joan of Arc hardcover graphic novel propels readers and gameplayers into Jeanne D'Arc's visceral world of blood and magic!
In 1425 Domrémy, young Jeanne D'Arc awakens from nightmarish visions of creatures and her own fiery death to find soldiers pillaging her town -- and bears witness to monsters that nobody else can see.  Jeanne is visited by Angels -- Saints who bestow upon her Second Sight, so that she might see the true horrors that slink in the shadows.  In the company of childhood friend Sieur Louis de Conte, she travels to the Library at Vancouleurs, where research and a chance meeting lead her to travel to Chinon, where she knows Prince Charles on sight as he moves among the commoners in disguise.  She persuades the King to let her take soldiers into battle, where she sees the invisible monsters that aid the English and discovers the witch Chthonia, who has brought magic to the battle and summoned unseen monsters to turn the tides of war.  A wounded Jeanne D'Arc shares her second sight with her soldiers through angelic assistance, and the battle turns glorious.
Just as the game offers both real and monstrous paths to play, this graphic novel combines both gameplays to reveal a startling world behind her second sight!
This deluxe, beautiful 48-page hardcover book includes a bonus scenario, "The Escape," that can be played with the Joan of Arc board game. It will also ship with four mini-posters, a soft enamel pin of Joan, as well as some surprise mystery gifts!
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